The Spring Garden Eco-District Announces 7 Service Offerings

Date: 10 July 2017
Contact: Christopher Zelov
Phone: 484-554-4710

Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA — 10 July 2017 — The Spring Garden Eco-District, an initiative of the Knossus Project, announced today that it has launched 7 Net-Positive℠ Services.

Christopher Zelov, Founder of the Knossus Project and principal organizer of the Spring Garden Eco-District, said, "With the vast cinematic material the Knossus Project has produced over the last 25+ years on the frontiers of ecological design, I am delighted to organize our connections, partnerships and decades of research to offer these Net-Positive℠ services to the marketplace."

Zelov added "Net-Positive℠ Design refers to the art and practice of bringing forth regenerative eco-technology that gives back more than it takes."

The Spring Garden Eco-District now offers the following Net-Positive℠ Services: Energy Audits, Solar Fountains, Long Now Sculptures, Custom Green Walls and Roofs, Green Design including Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Custom Video Production, and Educational Programs including the "Inventing EcoFutures" course.

At the next Spring Garden Eco-District meeting on 16 July 2017 from 1–3 PM at Saige Cafe, 1631 Wallace St, Philadelphia, PA 19130, Zelov will introduce these services so interested people can engage the great work of our time and begin to make the green transition.

Zelov said "At the meeting on the 16th, I will illuminate the Net-Positive℠ design philosophy we practice and how it informs each of our service offerings. I will also explore who might benefit from our services, the benefits of each, and we'll discuss any questions participants may have about each of the seven green service offerings we are launching."

CJ Fearnley, a co-organizer of the Spring Garden Eco-District and impresario of spontaneous cooperation, said "Since our first monthly meeting in January of this year, the Spring Garden Eco-District has held a monthly meeting to explore ideas to improve ecological regenerativity in today's world. I hope these seven service offerings will stimulate another engaged discussion as we marshall the talent to precipitate the green transition to expand the practice of ecological regenerativity in our cities."

For more information about the Spring Garden Eco-District and its seven service offerings visit the web site

Net-Positive℠ is a service mark of the Knossus Project.

About the Knossus Project
The Knossus Project is a Mid-Atlantic based research and development firm dedicated to guiding the citizenry through the labyrinth of life by producing custom built artifacts in the areas of Educational Film, Fine Art Publishing, and Green Design. Over the years, the Project has produced over 15 films, 5 books, and 4+ inventions. Including the multi-award winning film "Ecological Design: Inventing the Future" that help launch the mainstreaming of the Sustainability movement, and has been used in classrooms around the world. To learn more about the Knossus Project, visit

About the Spring Garden Eco-District
The Spring Garden Eco-District is an incubator with a number of initiatives to nurture and catalyze the Green Transition. It endeavors to plant creative seeds to foster regenerative ecological design thinking and practice at the neighborhood scale in the Philadelphia region. It is a grassroots, collaborative, and participatory thinking and doing initiative focused on making our neighborhoods flourish with Net-Positive℠ regenerative design. The initiative began in early 2016 with The Philadelphia EcoDistrict Oasis, a six month design studio with University of the Arts Associate Professor Tony Guido and a group of undergraduates. This led to an undertaking to seed Philadelphia's first Eco-District in the Spring Garden neighborhood of Philadelphia. To learn more about the Spring Garden Eco-District, visit