Educational Services

The Philadelphia Eco-District Incubator has organized a team of educators to offer a wide range of educational services in support of the Green Transition. The team is led by Christopher Zelov whose early work included the award-winning film "Ecological Design: Inventing the Future" (1995) and companion book "Design Outlaws: On The Ecological Frontier" (1997, 2001). Over the last twenty years, he has created one of the more substantial cinematic knowledge bases on the dynamics of the Regenerative Ecological Design movement and the pioneers involved in it. As well as producing more than 15 films, 5 books, and 4 inventions. This background provides the unique expertise and network upon which these educational services are offered:

Multi-Media Presentations and Custom Film Productions on cutting edge aspects of Sustainable Design

Our extensive film archive allows us to quickly organize high impact presentations on important aspects of Regenerative Ecological Design.

Notes on Design Futures

Here is an example of our heuristic approach to filmmaking:

(see The Knossus Project on Youtube.)

Research, Analysis and Future Scenario Imagineering

This knowledge base and our association with pioneers and practitioners in green design, allow us to organize research teams to investigate opportunities and leverage points in the built environment.

New: Opening Essay for the book called City-21: The Search for a Second Enlightenment

Regenerative Ecological Design Consulting from the backyard to the city-scale

Our treasure trove of knowledge on sustainable design allows us to help condo owners, home owners, building owners, neighborhoods, and cities to retain us on a consulting basis to explore options to significantly improve the built environment.


Team members can offer courses in environmental design, infrastructure strategies, and inventing Eco-Futures. Courses can be customized to meet your needs.

Inventing Eco-Futures Course

Topics covered include:

  • Profiles of Key Pioneers
  • Design Science Revolution (Buckminster Fuller)
  • Ecological Design Dynamics
  • Creating Eco-Villages
  • New Concepts in Cine-Architecture
  • The Imaginarium for the Regenerative City
  • The Long Now Perspective
  • The Best of Regenerative Design
  • New Inventions in the field
  • Urban Eco-Districts
  • Edge-Ucation and the Future of Design
  • City21 (New: Bibliography)

Creating What Matters Course

This course was developed by music composer Robert Fritz, and is taught over a 5 week period.

This is some of the best human potential material ever organized into a working body of knowledge.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Structural Tension
  • Current Reality
  • Fundamental Orientation
  • Telescoping
  • Primary Choice
  • Creator/Creation
  • Frames
  • The Creative Cycle

To discuss or order these or related services send e-mail to or call 484-554-4710.

Time and Design. A clip from a forthcoming production currently called: Edge-Ucation.